Sunday, February 22, 2009

Launch Date Unknown

I have this old motor home. It has served me well for many years, but has traveled very little. Just around Southern California. I have been living in it for the past few years and now I am going to take it on a trip around the country. I had planned to do all this after I retired someday. And in a better motorhome. Retirement is still a ways off, but as is true with many people these days, retirement ain't gonna be what it used to be. In addition, my mother has recently had medical issues, she had to move into a nursing home. She is now 78. So I thought that I would start by going to Texas, Huston that is, and spend some time there. See if I can help get her independence back. Anyway, for lots of reasons, money is now an issue. Getting the funds to go remains an issue. I will have to make money along the way.

Now I am also going to take my puddle jumper It a 1967 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. I have owned it for a number of years and it has mostly been parked. I put a chevy 350 in it a long time ago. It is a diamond in the ruff. I'm sure that a lot of people cannot see the value in one of the old crates. I never claimed that it was rational. It's just something that I have wanted since I was a teenager.