Saturday, June 8, 2013

Back Selling on Ebay

It used to be that I would sell a lot of stuff on Ebay.   There was a time when I would sell $1000 a month or more in junk.   That was back in the days when I would purchase storage lockers and sell the contents.  I haven't purchased a storage locker in several years and probably will not return to it.  I do however still have some left overs from those days and a few personal items that I need to move.

I need to move them to lighten the load so that I can move on my self.  I think my welcome has worn out here in Vegas.  It is amazing how much crap you can accumulate when your standing still.  The easiest thing to start with is sports cards.  It is amazing how cheap  sport cards have become.  This is probably one of the many downsides to Ebay.  Too many sellers of the same cards all in one place.

My user name on Ebay is 1willwander.  So stop on by and see what's up for sale.