Monday, November 24, 2014

Youtube Site Reaches 200,000 Video Views

This is just a short post to make note of a mile stone of sorts.  My Youtube videos have been viewed over 200,000 times.  I know that there are videos out there that go viral and have that many views in a single day.  But still I am proud of the accomplishment.  I still have a long way to go to become a media mogul.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Am I A Communist?

          I recently published a book on both Kindle and Nook with a paper back version on Amazon.  It is called Constant Vigilance.  I recently got a review that said.  "I think this guys a communist.  Don't trust him".  I never thought of myself as a communist and certainly do not believe that I am.  There is a part in my book where I talk about a consumerism economy and how I feel it traps people in constant debt.  This is all that I wrote that I think could remotely be considered communist.  What do you think?

         I attended high school in the late sixties and early seventies. I viewed high school as primarily an orientation to authority.  This is where one became the dutiful little worker bee.  The all consuming taxpaying unit they wanted.  A person was to spend the majority of his waking life working to put food on the table, a roof over his head and clothes on his back.  The system was designed to get people working and paying; rent or mortgage every month; electricity bills; water bills; insurance; and let’s not forget taxes; lots and lots of taxes.  

       School trained you to get up every morning and go to the place where you were instructed on how to behave and what to believe.  High school was from seven in the morning until three in the afternoon.  You were given work assignments to complete at home and return with the next day.  It didn't matter what you were interested in.  This is what you had to learn.  School was full of propaganda.  Most of the “stuff” you learned was the victor’s account of the battle.  We had a manifest destiny and were ordained to occupy the entire continent.  Yes, there were people already here, but they were not really people, they were savages.  Their way of life had no value. It's hard to be a dutiful taxpaying consumer if you live off the land.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Prayer For Understanding

     One of the most frustrating things in life is seeing someone you love in pain and knowing that, at times, the best thing you can do is nothing.  The feeling gets worse when those involved are the loved one's closest friends and family who don't know the whole story of what is happening.  You yearn to tell them, to let them know what is really happening to the person who is being hurt.  But as an outsider it is not your place.  It would only make the situation worse.  At best you would be seen as a meddler, at worst a scourge.
     My lady, I love you.  For I long time I felt that being in love like this was only in my past and then you stumbled into my life.  I wish there was something I could do or say to make all of this better and have it go away.   I can only say that I will do anything in my power to insure your health and happiness, even if it means that I have to stay away.  In the end, sometimes all that one can do is pray

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Constant Vigilance Is Required Because Of The Ebola Outbreak

          I have written a book that was based on my research into the question of whether all of the stories of government conspiracies were true or not.  I wanted to look into this issue for myself.  I studied the question and did in fact a lot of research.  I have been writing this book on an off for a couple of years.  The book is a work of fiction.  However, when read in the context of the current outbreak of Ebola it is really scary how close to reality it may actually be.  The book is called Constant Vigilance  and is available for the kindle and the nook.  A paperback version will be available soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amazing Old Bus Spotted in Las Vegas, Brill Bus

          When you own an old bus, you tend to pay attention to other old buses.  I was lucky enough to spot this old bus and it will soon be for sale.  When talking to the old owner he claims that the bus was used by President Nixon in his 1960 presidential bid.  The bus is certainly old enough.  I understand that Brill stopped making buses in about 1954.  But how would you prove such a thing and would it make the bus more valuable. 

          Before I spotted this bus I had never heard of Brill.  A quick spin around the internet and I found out a little information.  The company got its start in 1868 making horse cars.  They eventually started manufacturing street cars, motor buses and railroad cars.  Apparently at one time Brill made more interurban buses than anyone else in America.  This bus a ACF-Brill badge on its nose.  The company had that name between 1944 and 1954.  This bus would have to be dated within that time frame.   

          The bus is in great shape considering that it has been so neglected.  It is in Las Vegas which mean that rust is less of an issue.  I peered inside and there are machinery parts in the bus.  It would appear that the drive train has been at least partially removed.

 All things considered it is a very interesting bus.  I would hate to see this go the the scrap yard.  If you are interested in the bus drop me a line and I will give you more information.

This is the second old bus that I have spotted while in Vegas.  The other one was a couple of years ago.  You can see that post at Antique Bus Spotted in Vegas

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Cover for Constant Vigilance

I had a new cover designed for my book, Constant Vigilance.  Here's what it looks like.
  I should be up live on Amazon soon. Click here to take you to the Amazon page

Friday, October 3, 2014

Renewing Old Friendships, The Duke of Fremont Street

The Duke of Fremont Street
          I first met the Duke of Fremont Street shortly after I arrived in Vegas for the first time.  I was playing poker at the Golden Nugget Hotel on Fremont Street when the Duke walked in.  He sat down at the poker table and promptly put 186,000 dollars on the table.  This was not a high stakes poker game.  I think that I two hundred dollars in front of me and that was about average.  I wrote about the encounter in this blog.  The post was simply called the Duke of Fremont Street

          The Duke was also memorable because of his attire.  He was dressed in 1930's gangster garb.  He carried his money in a violin case and wore enough gold to settle the national debt.  I became friends with the Duke and I have featured him in a number of post through the years.  He was once almost killed when he was robbed of a load of cash in another casino in Nevada.  His assailants were caught, prosecuted and convicted.  Most of the case was again followed here on this blog. 

         I now find myself back in Vegas and it appears that I will be stuck here for a while.  I decided to catch up with the Duke and get an update.  I caught up with him at a Vegas Casino Memorabilia  show being held at the El Cortez Hotel.  He was his dapper self, dressed to the nines, selling casino chips, rare coins and currency.  He broke for lunch and we spent a good hour bringing each other up to speed.   

          The Duke was as entertaining as every.  It was good see an old friend.