Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Recovering From Near Disaster and Other Fall Out From Yellowstone

          If you have been reading this blog, then you know I spent the summer workamping in Yellowstone National Park.  I left the park on September 23, and headed south.  The first thing that happened was I busted my bus.  I wrote a blog post about it and called it: 

My Last day In Yellowstone and I Busted the Bus

          This was quickly followed by another mishap when I blew I front tire on my tow vehicle.  I ended up pulling the vehicle with the blown tire and even managed to bust up the internal workings of my front end.  I wrote a blog post about that also:

          Today I was able to at least get my vehicle back on four tires the same size.  I still have not fixed the internal workings of the front end, but at least I am on all four wheels.

       I have a lot of work to do to recover from my experience in Yellowstone.  I look at the balance sheet and try to decide whether the experience was worth the strain.  It was all an adventure and I got to see an amazing place and spent a lot of time exploring the remote parts of the park.

       I was able to finish and publish my book during my stay there.  The book is called Constant Vigilance and is available as an ebook on Amazon for $2.99.  
       Parts of the social experience left a very bad taste in my mouth.  There were some wonderful couples working with me at the RV park.  I believe that I have developed friendships with some of these couples that will endure.  On another level, I was very disappointed by deception and breach of trust on the part of others. I guess all this is to be expected when you work closely with others in an constrained environment. 

        I can't speak to the dark parts of the experience at this moment.  I need more time to process my thoughts and time and distance will help with that.  I would like to take this time to thank all of you that have read this blog and followed the story.  I still have a number of videos to edit and post on the web.  I don't have the ambition to do this in the near future.  Again, time and distance should help with that.

       In the mean time, the adventure continues.  As I recover from Yellowstone, I am researching my next trip and hoping for a happier ending next time. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Camping in Beaver Ut. KOA

     I recently left Yellowstone and headed down interstate 15 towards Las Vegas.  I ran into a little trouble in Utah and had to spend a couple of days waiting to fix my tow vehicle.  While I was stuck in Beaver Utah I decided to stay at the Beaver KOA.  I usually try to stay at Wally World but that was not available to me.  I looked around at the campgrounds that were listed on the web.  The two that were options were Camperland RV Park and the KOA.  I road through Camperland and it was a little rough.  Mostly long term residents and a lack of amenities. There were however very friendly.  I decide to stay at the KOA.  Naturally I made a little video to show off the place.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Tire Trauma On Interstate 15

          Two days ago after just leaving Yellowstone I had a blow out and lost one of the front tires on my bus.  I called Coach-net, my road service, and they sent a man out and changed out the spare.  So I moved on down the road.  I was in no hurry so I drove about 200 mile down interstate 15 to Orem Ut.  All was well.  Yesterday, I again hit the road and I made it about 150 mile when I had a blow out on my tow vehicle.    

          It was the front drivers side tire.  When the tire blew out the wheels turned to the left and I drug the vehicle about a quarter of a mile before I could get stopped.  During that time I guess I bent the steering linkage and now the steering wheel will not turn.  

          Once again I called Coach-net and this time they sent a tow truck that took the FJ40 to Beaver, Ut.  This is the nearest place that says they can fix the problem.  I spent the night in a KOA in Beaver and this morning I'm heading over to get the bad news.  

         The trip is turning into what ever can go wrong, will go wrong.  Naturally this is going to cost me a ton of money.  So go to Amazon and buy my book, Constant Vigilance

.  Its only $2.99.  Because I only actually get about $2 from each sale, I going to need to sell a lot of books.  So buy one for a friend too.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Walmart Hopping Down Interstate 15

       Two days ago I left Yellowstone and headed south.  I was hoping to make Salt Lake City but the universe had other plans.  I lost a front tire and it took a couple of hours to get it all sorted out.  I was just north of Pocatello Id. and after the fix, I headed to the Pocatello Walmart.  

        Yesterday I was in no hurry to get up and get going.  I left Pocatello about noon and pulled into the Walmart in Orem Ut. about 5 p.m.  Another nice place to stay.  There was a park about a mile away, so I walked over and did a once around.  

         While I was in Yellowstone I was always concerned about walking up on a bear of a buffalo.  After walking around a city for the first time in six months, I think cities are more dangerous than Yellowstone.

        Hopefully I will make it to Las Vegas today without any further breakdowns.  Then its back to planning my next adventure.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Last day In Yellowstone and I Busted the Bus

          Today was the day.  The season is over and I had to get out of the RV park.  I wanted to make it to Salt Lake City to spend the night in the Walmart.  The universe had other plans for me.  I only made it a little over 200 miles and I lost the front passenger side tire.  I was on interstate 15 doing about 60 when I heard a tapping sound from the right front wheel area. The noise got louder so I put on the brakes and pulled off the road.    I called Coach-net they called around Pocatello and determined that the price of a new time was in the area of $500.  After more phone calls back and forth I determined that a new tire was out of my budget.  I inquired further and if the road service guys just put on a spare there would be no cost to me.  I looked and yes indeed I had a spare.  It is old and sightly used but it holds air.  The tire guy told me not to try and make it to Vegas on the spare.  But I don't see that I have much of an option.  

          I need two new steer tires.  The cheapest tires that I can get are going to cost me about $700.  So I am going to have to sell a lot of books to raise the funds.  That's my new book I'm talking about.  You probably will not like it, but I need the money so buy it anyway.  The name of the Book is Constant Vigilance.  It's only $2.99 so I need to sell a lot of books. You can find it on Amazon.  Thanks for your support.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Uncle Tom's Trail, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

          Within the first few days of my stay in Yellowstone I went on a tour of the park.  One of the stops on this tour was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  It is indeed a grand canyon.  Within the canyon there are two dramatic water falls.  They are described as the upper and lower falls.

           Our tour guide pointed out all the  sights and hikes that could be taken to view the falls and one of these was Uncle Tom's Trail.  Our guide gave us some history about the trail and described it as a staircase that descended 500 feet.  

            I had not been in the park very long and I had not acclimated  to the altitude yet.   The thought of making that hike was the last thing on my list.  I have now been in the park for almost five months and I have gotten use to the thin air.  I made the hike down. 

The stair case is hung off the side of the canyon wall.  It is made of expanded metal and you can see through it.  As you are walking down the stair case there can be forty or fifty feet between the stair case and the ground below.  That was kind of interesting.

 It was not as bad as I thought. Or maybe I am in better shape than I thought.  The first thing you see is the spray from the waterfall.  It created a rainbow effect and the mist covered the sides of the canyon with spray that ran back down to the river. The views from the observation deck were amazing and well worth the climb.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Most Amazing Vacuum for Full Time RVing

I can't believe that I am actually saying this but I am amazed by a vacuum cleaner.  I was at a friends RV and she whipped this thing out to to clean up a mess her dog brought in.  It was a Dyson DC44 battery operated rechargeable vacuum. It is bagless and stores in a very small foot print.  Pound for pound this thing was more powerful that my corded machine.  It came with all these attachments that made cleaning an RV a simple task.  Absolutely amazing.